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Ladies, ladies, ladies. We all have different skin care regimens. Hold up one second. I moved too fast and would like to step back a little. Most of us don’t know what a regimen is. So what is that exactly?

 Regimen is a routine that is followed to achieve something great on either hair or skin. Today we are looking at skin and we need to have a regimen in order to have soft, glowing skin. We start by first cleansing our skins using soap (don’t forget to rinse out :_)). Then we tone the face, this is to remove any excess build up and infuse more moisture on the skin. We use products like apple cider vinegar, rose water, or a hydrosol to do that. Then finally we moisturize. This means applying an oil or butter of choice to keep the skin hydrated and prevent drying.

Mpaka hapo tumeshika? Ok. Let’s keep moving. Throughout our life as humans we shed our outer skin every two to three weeks to make “space” for new skin.  We love to take care of ourselves and part of that care is using face masks to rejuvenate and impart moisture on the skin. As part of any regimen one can choose to add any further steps to it.

In my regimen, I choose to mask every week. I got introduced to these sheet masks a couple of weeks ago and damn!! They are the When you’re feeling too lazy to go through the process of properly masking your face, these ones are HIGHLY recommended.  The ones I used were from a company called BF SUMA. This company sells health products, including these sheet masks, that are water based.

The company was founded in the United States, in Los Angeles, in 2006, and has been in the African market for ten years now.

I was a bit skeptical to use the mask as I was afraid my face would react to using a new product, but lo and behold. My skin remained intact and looked really good afterwards. This was my routine.

  1. Cleansing- I took my trusted activated charcoal soap, and cleaned my face gently, using the palms of my hands, then rinsed the soap off.
  2. Application of the Mask- I then took the mask, removed it from the packet and applied it on my face. It had an amazing cooling effect that calmed and relaxed me. I left it on for 20minutes, as it says on the pack. NB: DO NOT RINSE the product off your face. Let it sink in and absorb.
  3. Moisturise- Now for this step, I felt like I should have skipped because the mask itself already has oil, which soaked into my skin, but I applied my face serum anyway. There was some shine, which went away after a while. The key is to ensure to massage the product thoroughly into the skin.

In the morning, the shine was gone, and the glow was from here to further than Timbuktu. 

I would definitely recommend sheet face masks anyday. I’m yet to try other brands. Which ones would you recommend? Thanks for reading!!!


Chao to Dirt and Build up, Cheers to conditioned hair!!

I’ve been wanting to try out this range of products for a while now, and first time I did I used the moisturizing deep conditioner, which I talked about on here. It was so divine because my hair loved it. It had an amazing ayurvedic, spicy scent that I liked and it coated my hair very well. Through my years of being natural, I learnt that my hair loves thick formulations and that is what I have been feeding it to boost its luster, and thickness as well.

So I got the Chao Botanicals shampoo as a gift and ended up using it on Monday 28th July (don’t mind me and dates, that’s just my emo). I used it in such a rush that I didn’t notice anything the first time. I like to use my products as I write down every single thing I’ve felt, but this time around I wasn’t too keen, so I had to rewash to have another experience.

Point to Note: This was my fault, not the shampoos.

I rewashed my hair four days later and yes I noted a few things.  First of all, the shampoo smells delicious. It has a natural, ayurvedic scent that I really enjoyed, and the ingredients in it are all natural, ingredients that my mane loves. Since we started staying home, I’ve been trying as much as possible not to neglect Miss Mane. Being home doesn’t mean that good hair practices should cease. They actually need to get better as we keep watching to see the positive results our hairs will go through.

I got to the shower and wet my hair, then applied the soap. For one it has a smooth consistency and gets out of the bottle quite well. I applied it to both my hair and scalp and rubbed it in to get the dirt out. I used three squeezes out of the bottle and by the third wash my hair felt clean enough. It is a conditioning shampoo so it doesn’t strip the hair off its natural oils. Washing my hair in twists or braids (matutaz) is hard for me, since I want to see all the dirt flow out, so I just get into the shower and wash it all out. I feel sometimes that I would use more product if I do that, plus I can’t get all the way through.

Since it is a conditioning shampoo, I easily combed my hair out, and guess what? Breakage was nil by mouth. Since my hair was dump and the shampoo has quite some slip I used it to detangle my hair. The results were great. For anyone wanting to do the same, I’d highly advice that. Just make sure to use a wide tooth comb. Hair was left feeling soft, very well moisturized and clean.

The ingredients in the shampoo include- water, sunflower oil, castor oil, shea butter, avocado oil, vegetable glycerin, grapefruit extract, reetha, shikakai and amla ayurvedic herbs. The listed ingredients each have a role to play in the shampoo, thus making it ideal for natural and permed hair.

Now, if you wash your hair with this and then use the D.C, you’ll be sure to be in hair heaven. Check out Chao Botanicals on Instagram for more information ( Your hair will thank you for the much needed Tender, Loving, Care that comes with this line of products.


Are we still entangled in the Jada Pinkett Smith and August Alsina mess of an entanglement? I might be late to this party but let’s just get started. When I started seeing memes and funny videos of Jada, I was at a loss for words, simply because I wasn’t understanding what was happening. Why were people so interested in her and using the word ‘’entanglement” in so many things? Was it the new gist?  

So I researched and saw that this woman, Jada, had had an affair with her son’s friend. August is an artist, and he had reached out to Jada to talk about some stuff that he was going through. Jada must have taken advantage of his weakness and got him to be her lover. Anyway, according to a video she had posted on The Red Table Talk (video does not exist anymore), she admitted to having an affair with him as they were having a conversation with Will, her husband.

Despite all the funny jokes, I felt really bad for Will and for some reason wanted to put myself in his shoes. Yeah they are big and filling them would be quite a task but it might actually help to try and think and reason how he’s been taking all this. Most probably his mind and mine think in the same way. J

Now, I am not writing this piece to judge her, I am putting this out there to put my two cents into all this, and give my opinion because one of these days I will get married and I do not want my husband to lose his trust in me. So here is my cent…

  1. Cheating causes a lot of mistrust. When having issues with your partner, talk about it. Don’t go behind their back and do stuff that you’ll regret later.
  2. If you agree to give each other space, look for ways to commune together, even in that given space.
  3. In my opinion, dates will revive lost love and feelings. We all work hard to achieve what we want for ourselves and we tend to forget each other. Why not put all these aside and work it out. Have fun like you used to when you started seeing each other.
  4. Be open to each other’s feelings. Talk about your feelings with each other. That’s why you’re partners in the first place. Talking helps to get rid of anxiety, bad feelings towards each other and also brings you closer.
  5. I understand that Will and Jada are/were in an open relationship, DO NOT put yourself in such. It can still be painful when one goes behind the other’s back to do what they thought was right and end up in a position they can’t get themselves out of. Once one has committed to be in a relationship, with one man or woman, stick to that. Don’t look elsewhere.

Relationships should be taken very seriously as they are the epitome of love. If you love someone protect them, even through the rough patches. When the sun decides to shine on you, the greatness will be inevitable.


Really been thinking about what to say in times like these. We have been going through so much pain, hurt and loss that I’ve been at a loss for words on what to say. The reason I am writing this is because I’ve been seeing that so many people, are losing their loved ones and it’s so hard to express how it feels. Since the year started, even before COVID hit us many of us have been dealing with a lot of pain. It is so difficult to explain the feeling. It actually has no expression.

I lost my grandmother beginning of the year and it has been a journey for all of us-children, grandchildren and great grandchildren alike. We had planned to get her do so many things when the year started, we didn’t know that she would not come into the year with us. It is such a tragic loss that no one can easily understand, unless they have been through it as well.

Life starts, and ends so abruptly. We are never prepared for it. You know how sometimes someone who knows that they are departing lets their loved ones know that they’ll be leaving soon and that everything will be okay and we just need to continue life without them? It’s never easy no matter how it’s said. I wasn’t there when my grandma passed away, but the person who was with her told me that she said she wanted to rest. That hit me hard, in such a way that I knew she was prepared to go, but we weren’t ready to see her leave.

We all grieve in different ways and just to have someone be there for you is powerful. It is sad that now we are giving virtual hugs as we have been told to stay away from each other, but surely and honestly my heart goes out to you who has lost a loved one.

Words can never be enough to express ones condolence, but we hope with each hand that holds you, God who comforts you and knows the pain and each contribution towards laying your loved one will show how much we care and want to ease the burden of the loss.

There’s a new normal that begins almost immediately after a burial and all the good byes and trust me it’s not an easy one because it becomes a journey of acceptance and trying to move on. They say time heals all wounds but time doesn’t take care of this one. It is a piece of us removed. It is a piece that cannot be returned, a piece that will always be missing. But with each step we take we do our best to relive their memory and walk in their footsteps as we strive to “live the new normal” without them.

My heart is raw.

Scalp Soothing with ORS

Hey there!!! I feel like I have so many products that need to be talked about- Some that I’ve had for quite a bit and others that I recently bumped into. This particular product, I bumped into by good coincidence (thanks K-tedy for the introduction). I got this scalp soother as a gift during mother’s day celebration. Now hear me out… I got a range of stuff from ORS and of course, shared them with mama dearest. I then borrowed (never to return) the scalp soother. I have been using it for a month and a couple of days now. Results? Great!!!

The oil, first of all, is packaged so well. I love the black label on it. When I went for the gift hamper, I hadn’t washed my hair in two weeks so my scalp was begging for a lot of care and attention. Hallo itch and gunk. I got into my hair washing routine and felt so much better afterwards. At some point in my natural hair care journey, I had stopped oiling my scalp because any oil that touched my scalp caused it to itch, even when the scalp was clean. I discovered another water based oil that helped get rid of such itchies, and it worked wonders. But for now, let’s talk about the ORS Scalp Soother.

It is an oil based soother. I know I said I don’t put oil on my scalp, but this one gave me such a tingling sensation, I can’t live without it. The ingredients in it include: Soybean oil, menthol, aloe vera, sweet almond oil, black castor oil, camphor, and a few ingredients I honestly can’t pronounce. Let’s just say there is so much chemistry in this one 100ml bottle.

As it says on the bottle “Good bye to dry scalp, tightness from plaits.” I don’t like protective styling my hair but it can be used on open hair. I have been cleansing my scalp and hair first before putting this product in. For the next week or until my wash day, I don’t experience itch. The menthol and camphor in the oil help to ease the itchiness. If I really need to refresh my scalp, I put just a few drops on my fingertips, then gently massage through, as I don’t want too much oil in my scalp. It has worked great and I’m pleased with the results.

Immediately you open the bottle you get this cooling effect as the menthol can be detected. It also has a herbal scent that I love. Before using the product, ensure to shake well before use to be able to activate all ingredients in the bottle.

The oils that this product has helps to nourish and strengthen the hair, promotes thicker and longer looking hair, it also moisturizes and soothes the hair. In my opinion, I prefer to use the product while my hair is damp so that it absorbs well as I massage it in.

Before I forget, kindly subscribe to NaturalKtedy YouTube page. She has amazing content and has also used and reviewed the ORS products. Thanks for this introduction once again!!

Have you used any of the ORS products? Fallen in love with them? Let me know down below.


Hey folks!! I’m back yet again with another story. Don’t get bored with me just yet, as I’m on a journey to get to a hundred articles or more by the end of the year. So, I had been on a hiatus of sorts because this year has just been on lots of high highs and low lows. It’s already halfway done and we are now counting down to end of the year. It is so surreal how quick the time has gone. To me though it feels as if the days are passing, but the months are going by slowly.
As the topic says, we are going to talk about this hairstyle called “kamatanaz”. What are they? Simply put, they are matutaz (braids) connected to each other. So one does one braid, then connects it to the next as the chain keeps growing, until the one is done.
When we were kids growing up it was the simplest style our mothers used to do on our hair. It saved on so much time, especially if the child was impatient and couldn’t sit for long in the salon. This was my mum’s go to hairstyle for me, as I hated the salon, so things had to be done at home.

I recently learnt how to do my own kamatanaz (chain) and it was such a breeze the first time. I didn’t use a comb, as I did them. I parted my hair in the middle all the way down, then worked in sections. I ended up having four braids in each part, making them eight in total and I did well for myself. It seemed so easy to do, until the second time I did them. I had lost focus and concentration in my fingers, so I ended up tying a head wrap.

The following week, a friend helped me do them and they were perfect. She used a comb to part down the middle and did two braids each. I had never been so excited because it was minimal effort and took about five minutes to do. So now, I decided to stick to doing just two braids each, so four braids in total.
As the quarantine and curfew continue, my hair has flourished because it has been left alone, my hair line is coming back too. I now rarely hold my hair in a bun or puff, unless Miss Fro wants to show off. She is always in the Chain (kamatanaz). I call this style Quarantutaz, since we are in quarantine period and we will look pretty for ourselves.
If you want healthy hair please leave it alone. And if you choose a protective style, let it be very kind to your edges. This cannot be stressed enough. Once an edge is yanked off, it takes longer to grow back.
Since I rediscovered this hairstyle, my hair and I are happy with each other. It has gained more volume and length. Breakage and shedding is also on the minimum. It has gotten to the point where I get too lazy and don’t sleep with my satin bonnet (I know it is important) but if my hair is braided, sometimes I don’t see the need for it.
Either way ladies, be kind to your hair this season. Get what works for you and keep doing that. At the end of all this there should be some incredible, positive change. 🙂


It’s all about skin care this week, as we continue the journey. Last week we talked about the activated charcoal soap as a cleanser and how it helped to get rid of acne, dark spots and black spots. It has been the soap that I’ve used for four years now, and changing that might take a long while. Change might be as good as a rest, but seeing that this soap changed my life, I don’t think I’m going ANYWHERE without it.
Today we will talk about the miracle oil that saved my skin. Moringa oil. It is an exceptional oil that comes from the seeds of the Moringa Oleifera tree. This oil is very beneficial for both hair and skin and is now being incorporated into many cosmetics for its many properties.
When I started using this oil, I started to see changes in a short amount of time-two weeks. It worked so fast that I kept using it. It is a safe oil that can be used both day and night. Now, when it comes to natural oils, one should be ready to encounter there earthy scents. It took me close to six months before I got used to the smell, and after that it was easy breezy. The more natural an oil is, the better for ones well-being.
The oil I got came from Sheth Naturals and they stock a variety. The oils are cold pressed as well. What does cold pressed mean? It means the process of extracting the oil maintains there flavor, aroma and nutritional value. A modern steel press is used to obtain the oils from the seeds or fruits.
Below are the benefits of using Moringa oil on skin:
1. It helps to clear acne, black heads and dark spots- Due to its high levels of bioactive compounds and anti-inflammatory properties it helps to fight the bacteria that causes acne.
2. It improves appearance of wrinkles and prevents sagging of facial muscles- Moringa has anti aging properties and when massaged on the face it helps to prevent aging. I believe that this takes care of free radicals that cause early aging. It will definitely help to tighten the skin.
3. It has anti-inflammatory properties- Using moringa will help cure minor cuts, take care of rashes as well and heal insect bites. Let’s just say we have medicinal value in this oil.
Now, since incorporating this oil into my regimen my skin has changed drastically for the better. The last one I got lasted me a year. According to research this oil has a shelf life of between 3-5 years, if stored properly.
I still use Moringa, but now it was mixed in a face serum that I used a while. I had no idea face serums were that good because I got really good results. I’ve not had skin issues in a while as I got the glow I wanted, acne and blackheads disappeared. The only skin issue I get now is the hormonal pimples that sprout every now and then during that time of the month. Otherwise I am at a very good place with my skin. What oil(s) have you tried and loved? Still going through the trial and error phase? Talk to me in the comment section below. 


It has been quite a journey. A journey that I found myself in when my skin started reacting and overreacting. It was a journey of persistence, patience, and a lot of tender, loving care. I haven’t talked about all things skincare on my blog, but I realize that it is a struggle for most women, and since we have a relationship with our skin, it is time we talk about that as well.  How do you take care of your skin? Do we have regimens?

Before we get into that, I wanted to let you in on my journey. My skin had been somewhat perfect, with minimum breakouts and little scarring. I wasn’t the type to drink plenty of water or eat fruits, but it must have been in the genes because my entire family (running across boards) don’t have skin issues.

My problem started in 2016 when I read a review about someone having used olive oil on their skin and it did them good. Well, there I was joining the bandwagon when a day later I started to notice pimples coming on my face. With the impatience I had, I started popping them. You know how boredom goes. Popping was the name of the game and it was obvious because then dark spots started to appear on there. I wouldn’t leave the house without someone noticing how bad or ugly my face looked. My forehead and mostly the right side of my cheek had so much scarring. Every person I’d meet would ask what was wrong with my face and it would really bring me down. If you’ve experienced skin issues you know what that does to a person.

So I started getting recommendations for products here and there, local ones at that and at-home treatments. I tried steaming my face, and I’d do that once a week without fail, then gong to the mirror to see if the black spots were disappearing or close to that. There was a false hope that that was happening, but deep down I knew there was no change.

I later tried a natural soap, and all it did was give me a glow, and not get rid of the spots. It was a gentle cleanser, as it had sage and clay and other goodness in it. It could be I wasn’t patient enough and wanted fast results or it was not the soap for me. I forgot to mention that I stopped using olive oil and started using coconut oil. Was it making things better? Not exactly. It was also as it was too oily for me, and I would still get random breakouts.

I finally landed on a soap that I’ve been using religiously to date. This soap is the truth and every time I have recommended it to friends or family, they say that it has also worked wonders for them. I’m talking about the ACTIVATED CHARCOAL SOAP. I get mine from brand of products and it has helped me maintain a smooth, breakout free, black spot free face. Been using it for the past three or so years and I honestly can’t complain.



It has active ingredients like water, activated charcoal, Avocado oil, peppermint oil, vegetable glycerin, and vitamin E oil. These ingredients helped to alleviate the skin condition I had and restore my confidence. One thing is for sure, be consistent with your skincare regimen. BUT if a product isn’t working, drop it and get one that does. There’s always a trial and error period that is allowed.

In conjunction with the soap, I used moringa oil, which helped to complete the entire look. We’ll look at the oil next time and discuss more about it.



I haven’t done a review in so long. The year has moved on so quickly and with COVID, lockdown and everything else in between, hair feels like the last thing on my mind. I don’t know if other naturalistas feel the same but doing the most with the mane is something that’s really not on my mind right now.

What I have been mostly doing is washing and conditioning, using regular conditioner or washing and deep conditioning. So yes there is a difference between the regular conditioner and a deep conditioner. We can get into the basics and intricacies of the two later on. Today I want to talk about a deep conditioner I bumped into, courtesy of a friend. She had been using it for a minute and I was in need of one as well. Here’s the thing: I’ve been using deep conditioners that are 80% moisture and 20% protein-based and I felt as though I needed a change. I wanted one that was fully moisture based. I guess we can make our treatments at home.

Chao Botanicals is the one I got introduced to. I posted pictures a month or so ago on my Instagram and talked about its consistency. We will still revisit all that and much more on this post.

This treatment is the ISH I tell you. I opened it and immediately got a spicy, sweet-smelling aroma. It has a number of Ayurvedic herbs in it that help nourish and intensely moisturize the hair. If your hair loves thick formulas, then this one will work wonders for you.

Below are the ingredients found in this amazing product:

Water, Sunflower oil, Shea butter, Avocado oil, Castor oil, Potawax, Vegetable Glycerin, Cetyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Amla, Shikakai, Fenugreek, Rosemary, Hibiscus, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Ashwagandha, Bhrigraj, Flaxseeds, Citric Acid, and Grapefruit extract.


The first ingredient in this product is water, so it means it is moisturizing. Always read the ingredients list if you’re looking for something moisture based. Water should ALWAYS be the first ingredient. It penetrates through the hair shaft, making it easy to manage and also gives the hair slip.

The Ayurveda powders in the D.C (Ashwagandha, Bhrigraj, Amla, and Shikakai) aid in stopping shedding and generate growth. I used the deep conditioner thrice and shedding/ breakage have reduced. I leave it on for 45 minutes to an hour then rinse it off. I use lukewarm water. Cold water would be the best as it helps to close the hair follicles, but with the current weather situation, cold water is a no go zone.

The oils and butter in the conditioner (Shea, avocado, castor, Vegetable Glycerin, and grapefruit extract) help to intensely nourish and strengthen the hair. All ingredients in this product are 100% safe and natural.

This product has a smooth, creamy consistency and it glides on hair really well.  it also rinses off really nicely. I left it on my hair for 30 minutes, and sat in the sun to gets all its goodness. Point to Note: if you don’t have a steamer, the sun would be a great substitute. After 30 minutes, I combed my hair and rinsed off the product in lukewarm water, tied my hair with  a lesso(since I didn’t have a tshirt) and then tied it up with a hair band after ten minutes. If you experience so much breakage or shedding, I would definitely recommend this product.


My hair has been doing jigs since I started incorporating this particular deep conditioner into my regimen. I completely love the conditioner’s scent. There was a lot of love put into this product and I vouch for it completely. Have you used Chao Botanicals before? What did you like about their products?What’s your favorite product so far in their line? Share in the comment section below.




It has been a really long time coming, and I am tempted to wish you guys a happy new year. Well, six months down the line feels like a really long time and for sure it has been a long time coming because I haven’t shared anything on this platform since January and I have missed y’all. I want to know how you all are doing, share with me what’s been going on with you.

Speaking of what’s going on, how have the last three months been with the lockdown and everything else? Are you coping, making the most out of the situation perhaps? Or are you bored out of your mind? As an ambivert, I’m finding it hard to stay in one place, and lockdown or none, I have to find things to do to keep my spirits up. I find myself going for walks, cook ins, sometimes sleepovers and random hangouts. Just yesterday we celebrated my friend Mandy’s birthday and it was really dope because we got to enjoy the fresh air outside the normal house setting. Well, this is a story for another day. I just wanted to take a small breather before I get into the real reason why I am here. J

So, honesty is the best policy. It’s a saying we all use, but have we ever taken the time to reflect on its true meaning? Most times we believe in saying half-truths or no truth at all. Do we understand the consequence of not admitting to mistakes or just speaking out rightly by being honest? Well, here’s is my story and I hope it inspires someone to learn how to e truthful, to a partner, friend, family member, or just general society.

Disclaimer: I’m not a therapist or counselor, I just want to put it out there because I found my closure and I am finding my healing.

Let’s take it back to last year. Shall we?

It was October 2019 and we’d just opened shop at a mall, selling hair and body products. I met a guy who was charming and we started talking and before you know it we were friends. We talked about so much, it would be hard to summarise everything here in one word or sentence. So I am all things love and being a hopeless romantic, well, we started dating in beginning of the year.

Now, there is something that would constantly annoy me, the fact that every time there was a situation he would avoid it, not talk about it and go quiet for days. This is something I’m yet to understand with men because communication, for me, is key. No matter what. It doesn’t mean you call me a hundred times a day, but when it requires talking, we’d rather talk as we get solutions. Ladies, you feel me? A problem shared is one half solved. Right?

Anyway, so as the months went along things would change, today it would be blissful, another day it would be just meh. It seemed as if I was the one doing the most in this relationship- from checking up on him when he was down, to advising him on a lot of things.  I think if I wanted to be petty I would have been just that because who is a woman without pettiness?

Three and half months down the line I find out that he’d been lying to me about a number of things. Now, getting closure is very important and if you treasure it as much as I do, getting a firsthand meeting is very important. I think, ladies, we are beyond that age of dumping via text so a proper meeting should be scheduled, especially if you feel strong enough to go through with it. I knew I was because my entire being was not into him or that relationship anymore.

What I found out? He impregnated his X. One of my policies when it comes to dating is that dating a baby daddy is just a huge NO for me. The weirdest part about that is that he had been cohabiting with her part of last year( he mentioned having cut ties with her), well it seems as though the feelings were still there, so sh*t happened.

There was a claim that he had just found out that she was expecting and when he came clean, he knew way before. Now, it might be tricky to let the person you’re dating know such information, but it is important for one to evaluate and make a decision. What would you do if you were denied that chance? Would there be no love lost?

There is no excuse as to why one would still be in touch with an X. In my opinion? Burn the bridges to be able to move on swiftly. Also, don’t lie to get your way in or out.

Guys, be very honest with the girl you’re dating. How does one expect to build a life with someone if there is no honesty? We all have our skeletons in the closet but they need to be aired out before life and courtship get too serious. Ladies, our overthinking detective skills always help us out. As long as you trust your heart and gut instincts, you’ll never go wrong.

Another disclaimer: This story was not meant to be trashy, because I would have chosen to go with it that way. Just pick whatever lesson you can and gain your knowledge and power from this.

Let’s chat in the comment section below. Happy Tuesday!!!