Mums are so special. Where would we be without them? I mean they are the epitome of life. They are the ones who gave us our first breaths. Mums deserve all the respect they can get. If there was one word to describe a mother it would be heroic. They never complain about anything, they love unconditionally, they just never tire.

So I really feel the need to focus my talk on single mothers because they can be taken for granted sometimes. Wait. Not sometimes. All the time. I feel like they are not shown enough love, it’s like as long as they are the only ones taking care of their kids they don’t need credit but honey, they do. They are still the epitome of life.

Having so many single mummy friends breaks my heart. Where are the fathers to these children? Why aren’t they taking responsibility for their actions? Besides the babies were not created by just one person. Right? Men need to stand up and take responsibility too. We are done with having dead beat dads on our streets. No more sperm donors.

“When I met Michael, he was such a charming man. He was ready to have a family. We even had a formal introduction on both sides and I knew we would get married soon”, said Connie, one of my single mummy friends.

“So what happened? I thought you guys were the perfect couple, with everything on point, preparation and stuff”.

“Well, he decided at the last minute that he wanted nothing to do with us, my son and me after all we had been through. He asked me to move on and move on I did. It was not an easy time for us but what else could we have done?”

Connie is a very strong independent lady but the thought of her son not having a dad was traumatizing. I couldn’t even imagine her son JB growing up without a father. What makes a man decide not to be a part of his son’s or daughter’s life? Is that even fair? What thought process makes a guy decide to just up and leave?

Having an absentee parent can be hard on a child, especially if the parent leaves and there isn’t no contact or communication after leaving. It’s like telling the child that you really don’t give a damn about him or her and that whatever happens in his or her life is just petty for you.

“I got used to it after a while, and JB is doing just fine.”

“Would you give him (Michael) another chance if he was to come back?”

“I am doing just fine, I don’t need him. I have my family with me and that is all that matters.”

“Would you ‘hide’ JB from him?”

“That is up to JB. Whatever he wants I will respect his decision. After all, it’s his father.”

I am just wowed by Connie’s courage. She deserved better. Being a single mum is not easy. I just wish men out there would take their responsibility, get their shit together and get their life and families in check. When JB grows up, what will he think of his dad? Will he want him present and active in his life? Will he allow him to take part and endure him in every space of his being?

It is just so heartbreaking and I really pray that the men of this generation will change. We need to see more men being active, not running away. We need mature, responsible, grown up men to stand up and say NO to women taking care of bundles of joy by themselves.

Salute to all single mothers. Y’all do a fantastic job. If no one has told you, now you know. ❤️

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I am all things love: love for hair, love of amazing relationships and I am here to tell mine and your story. I love adventure and all things books, especially romance. Stay tuned for more stories.

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