I want you to show me who you are, so that I know you.

Show me God, that I may be thankful to Him for you.

Show me what you like so I can get it for you.

Show me what you see so I can be your eyes.

Please show me what you feel so that I can sense it for you

Show me you care because I care for you too.

Show me how deep and wide you can go because I can do the same for you.

Show me you weakness and I will be your strength.

Show me your scars and I will protect you.

Show me your vulnerability and I will take care of you.

If you show me your gentleness I will cherish it.

Show me your kindness and I will in turn be kind.

Show me the deepest part of you and your secret Willy be safe with me.

Show me your smile and it will melt away my pain.

Show me your tears and I will wipe them away.

Show me truth and I will not lie to you.

Show me humbleness and I will treat you like a King.

Show me anger and I will cool it down with my caresses.

Show me life and I will show you what living is like.

Show me your imperfection and we will be imperfect together.

Yes show me your belief and we will believe together.

Show me the way and we will follow it together.

Show me the door and I will open it for you.

Show me the air, and I will breathe it for you.

Show me adventure, we could explore together.

Show me fun… we could be funny together.

Oh yes show me space that I may not intrude.

Show me peace, that we may be calm.

Show me joy in abundance that we may always be joyful.

Show me love and I will love you.

Show me you, all of you so that I may cherish every moment, every step, every time spent.








Published by mariesaru

I am all things love: love for hair, love of amazing relationships and I am here to tell mine and your story. I love adventure and all things books, especially romance. Stay tuned for more stories.

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  1. My dear beloved darling, you’re such an awesome being I love your way of writing. Keep on keeping on. With love.


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