Baby showers are a time for love, laugh and good times with the mother to be, gifting them and showing them that they are valued. I am having a thing for mothers of late. Crushing on them perhaps? Or maybe my ovaries are doing a dance or five.

Anyway so since the year began I have attended three showers, with the fourth being yesterday. Yes, I agree I am growing old because most, if not all my friends are mums. Where does the time go?

So we had the pleasure of surprising a mum to be on Saturday and boy was she surprised. Of course she didn’t expect it. I tell you the lies we cook up to ensure everything works out according to plan…. (she was lied to that she was going to attend a wedding). Yes she fell for it and the look on her face was priceless.

It is an emotional, confusing one minute of the mother to be’s life. She couldn’t believe she had been tricked into “going for a wedding”. After recovering from shock she came into the house and we continued having a good time as we ate and chatted swiftly.

Having friends and family around you during the most important time of your life is just so precious, it makes life worth living. Imagine not having friends to celebrate and cheer you on as you move into the next milestone of your life. How would you feel? Would you have the energy to keep keeping on?

Seeing that I also attend lots of these showers, I usually get asked why I am not on the path to ” getting my own”. You know what? Sometimes it is never that serious and when the time is right, everything else will just work it self out, and I’m sure I will have people around me to cheer me on on my journey. On a lighter note, if you want a professional baby shower attendee on your list, you know who to call. Oh plus organizer of games? You got that right. Hit me up.☺

Children are a source of joy. They seem to always make things better. When you’re sad, they bring joy. When you feel exhausted, they just have a way of lifting your spirits up. Whenever I see a child, they just make my day. The day I will get my own, I will cherish every moment.💜

I’m just so excited for Milka and her future bundle of joy. I pray God will bless you and enable you to take care of your treasure. It will not be easy but with His help you will make it. You’ll be just fine.

I just remembered that as we were introducing ourselves at the party, I said I would want to be a mum of twins. Amen?

What do you think about motherhood? Do you want to be a mum someday? Are you a mum? Are you still thinking about it? Share your thoughts.


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