Hey there, so as a natural hair newbie karibu, sana to the natural hair community. We are here for you to empower you and build you.

I know sometimes we tend to “get lost” especially when we hear someone using a short form of something and you are left wondering, what in heaven’s name is that? Like, was that made up or its something that actually exists?

Here a few shirt forms that I am sure you have heard of that confuse you and we tend to forget them too sometimes. So it will be on record, you can always reference back. ☺

1. B.C- This means Big Chop. This is when one has decided to cut their hair and grow it afresh. Some people do it themselves, others go to the barber to get it shaped and styled. Whichever one you prefer, at the end of the day it is hair and will still grow back.

2. T.L.C- When someone uses this term, they want to give tender loving care to their hair. Sometimes we neglect our hair and it seems to be dry, damaged and just not in place, but when you give it some tender loving care it responds back and just love you right back. But please do not ignore your hair. If you have time take care of it.

3. D.I.Y- Do-it- Yourself. We have some awesome naturalistas who prefer to style, make their own mixes from treatments to oils etc and so they do it themselves. Do you like to experiment and get your hands dirty? Well, this could be for you.

4. Pre-poo- Pre shampoo is applying oil to scalp before washing the hair. This helps to prevent excessive drying of the hair and scalp. One can use olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil too. And you can get the following oils from Sheth Naturals.

5. P.S- When you go to the salon and tell the stylist to braid or weave your hair, that is a protective style. Here is one thing you should note- Protective styling SHOULD NOT make you lose your hair, especially at the hairline. If it is too tight then you are damaging your hair and you should take it out. If hairline is damaged, then growing it back will be a challenge.

4.Co-Wash- This is when you use just a conditioner to wash your hair. I normally don’t do it because I prefer washing my hair out on a weekly basis, with shampoo, but it is a great way to rejuvenate your hair from dryness. It can be done in the middle of the week. If co-washing works for you great! You can use cheap conditioners to do that or purchase conditioners that have “co-wash” written on them. E.g Cantu, Asiam.

5. E.V.C.O- Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. This is good for both your hair and skin. You can use it for cooking too, so you internalize it. It can be found in supermarkets and now we have Kenyan owned natural hair and skin product lines stocking and producing them. Coconut oil promotes hair growth. You can get your dose of oil from Sheth Naturals too.

6. E.V.O.O- In the case of coconut oil this is just extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil is also good for hair and skin and cooking too. It is a light oil that helps to improve strength and elasticity of hair. It also promotes hair growth. Sheth naturals stock this up.

7. A.C.V- This is apple cider vinegar. Vinegar is used as a final rinse after washing and conditioning the hair. Do a mix of 1:1(one part water, one part vinegar). A.C.V can also be used to soak braids before installing them on your head. It reduces itchiness of the braid. Apple cider vinegar also neutralises our scalps, therefore returning them to the right PH balance.

8. J.B.C.O – Jamaican Black Castor Oil is sort of like a big deal in the natural hair community. People swear by it, as they say it helped them to grow their edges back and is strengthening too. Here is the thing with it. It cannot be used on its own as it can weigh down the hair and make it dry. Instead mix it up with a carrier oil like coconut, olive oil, sunflower oil. These help to kinda dilute the thickness of castor oil.

9. L. O. C- after having washed your hair, don’t skip this step. Leave-in is used to soften the hair and add moisture to it. Oil is used to seal in the moisture attained from the leave- in and prevent the hair from drying. A cream is used to further seal in the moisture and to define curls.

Is there another acronym I have forgotten that you feel you need assistance with identifying? Let’s keep the conversation going as you enjoy your natural hair journey.

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