I have been thinking about this topic for a while and I am sure it will help someone out there. So when we talk about having a PS, what does it mean? This means protecting our hair, especially our ends from the harsh conditions out here like weather can cause friziness to our hair.

When you are protective styling your hair here are things to consider:

1. Gentleness of the stylist- When you goto the salon and you are having your hair installed in braids, regular lines or even a weave, how is the stylist handling your hair? The main goal of a protective style is to ensure you protect your hair ad not damage it. You have every right to ask the stylist to stop tightening at the hairline. Speak up if she is braiding too tightly. Remember if you damage your hair follicles, they will not grow back. I usually get my hair done at oneaonhairsalon as they understand natural hair and how important it is to be gentle.

2. Cost- Before you install a protective style, do a little bit of window shopping so to speak, so as to get someone who is reasonably priced. You do not want to spend an arm and a leg on just hair. Right?

3. Maintenance of the hair- Once you have installed the hair, do not forget that under the braids, weave or wig you will need to still take care of your own hair. Do not neglect your real hair. You want to maintain as much length as possible, so your hair as to be properly moisturised and oiled. Remember you can still wash your hair while still in braids.

4. Amount of time you will have the braids in for- So you have your protective style in, how long are you going to keep them in for? It is recommended to keep them in for not more than six weeks. Reason being sometimes the growth becomes too much that the braid starts pulling and tagging at your hair, making it snap and cut, leaving you with no hair. I personally learnt the “trick” with PSing, so I usually keep my braids for minimum of eight weeks. If you want to know the tip,let me know.

5.Always protein treat your hair before installation- This should have been my first point, but it is very important to add some protein to your hair. As you may know our hair is made of keratin, which is a protein. So in order to strengthen your hair while in braids, weaves, wigs, remember to treat your hair. You can use a store bought treatment or make a do it yourself with eggs or mayonnaise or henna. This was my home made treatment before installing my locks. This was my home made mixture of eggs, honey, avocado oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

6. Take down process- This can be hard for some because we sometimes lack patience when it comes to removing the extensions from our heads and we tag at our hair, causing damage and so much harm. Before taking down, ensure you are not busy and you have enough time to do the job. The goal of the protective style was for you to retain growth. So if you lose it, then the style hasn’t helped you at all. If you sincerely do not have time for it, you can always go to the nearest salon to have them take it down for you.

I have a protective style and in about four six weeks I will be taking it down. Would you like to see the take down process? If you would, kindly comment below.

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I am all things love: love for hair, love of amazing relationships and I am here to tell mine and your story. I love adventure and all things books, especially romance. Stay tuned for more stories.

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  1. Why not?? Liking this.. how you are breaking it down, one step at a time.. keep on girl! Proud of you!


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