OPPO X Unveiled in Kenya

Every time you buy a phone what exactly do you look for? Is it the phone design? Is it the phone memory? Is it just generally how it looks? Of course you would want a flashy, beautiful phone that stands out and makes life easy for you. Perhaps a phone that won’t embarrass you too. Right?

Oppo has been around for the past seven years, since 2011, and they always strive to listen to their customers as they release and unveil new technology. They are committed to providing excellent devices in the market.

Recently, Oppo unveiled a phone, Find X, that is all you would want when shopping for a phone.

The Find X phone is not just a communication device, but it is a piece of art. Looking at it you can see many advantages of having this phone.

For starters it has two gradient colour combinations – Bordeur red and glacier blue. This makes the phone very attractive as it presents a colourful effect that changes with your surroundings.

Oppo were the first to bring the rotating camera in the market. They were actually ranked number four globally as the smartphone brand in the market.

Are you a fun of selfies? Well, this is the phone for you. The find X has stealth 3D camera, that includes a 25Megapixel front camera. The rear camera has Megapixel of 16+20. You are sure to get very clear pictures with this phone.

As compared to other phones, the Find X has a screen to body ratio of 93.8%. It is also the first smartphone that has a 3D Structured Light Technology for the 3D face recognition. It is actually 20 times safer than the fingerprint recognition for unlocking the phone.

Do you ever worry that your phone will fall and crack or break? You can worry no more with the Find X as it has a conning gorilla screen that is safe and hard that no matter how many times it falls, there is no breakage or scratching on the phone.

This phone is worth it, it is an investment that you won’t regret. For only KES99,990 you can purchase this phone and be technologically ahead.

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