Starting out this natural hair journey made me realize that sometimes I neglect my hair. I mean when taking care of your hair you need to realize that for you to look fabulous during the day, night time care really matters too. From re-moisturizing, to oiling to braiding or twisting.

I used to braid/twist my hair every single night, until I got tired. It is good to yes but when you have really had a long day, you need to just come home and sleep or relax and have a glass of something. I usually like my hair stretched because it helps me avoid lots of tangles in my hair.

Since on a day to day basis I always have the same hair style(bun or puff), as seen in my previous post I will always wear a head scarf to bed. Problem with that it could always come out in the middle of the night. So I had to wake up to put it back on. That can be very annoying, especially when sleep is sweet. Right?

So Two years ago I got myself a silk bonnet that was created by Carol Tichie of apparelandaccessorieske. The very first that was single lined. What I loved about it is that it stays in place all through the night!! Who wouldn’t want something that sticks all through? I didn’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to put my bonnet back on. Check out this video.

What I also love about them is that they come in a variety of colours- ocean blue, orange, pink, purple, brown, so that when you go to bed there’s a sense of happy within you. They honestly brighten up my soul, I had to get them all.

Carol Tichie is honestly a genius. She knew that naturals were suffering and she filled that gap. If you are not a fan of bonnets she also has satin pillow cases. These can also help protect your hair at night. And the bonnets come in different sizes too, o even if you have bulky braids on, you will get something that will fit.

The good thing with satin is that it is a material that doesn’t “feed” from the oil on your hair like cotton does. Meaning it is protective. So no oil will be absorbed by it and your hair will thrive. She is also reasonably priced, so your money won’t go to waste. Get it and I promise you won’t regret

Always remember to sleep with your satin bonnet or satin pillow case because that is the only way your hair will thank you and it will flourish. So if you were to re- moisturize your mane, use a satin bonnet afterwards, not anything made with cotton. Oh and you can easily get one from Carol Tichie. They will honestly make your day.

She will be there this coming Saturday at the Hairitage Chronicles on Ngong Racecourse. This is an event for naturalistas and would be naturalistas and people who just like to shop to get together and get to learn a thing or two about hair. Hopefully you meet and make new friends too.☺

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I am all things love: love for hair, love of amazing relationships and I am here to tell mine and your story. I love adventure and all things books, especially romance. Stay tuned for more stories.

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