Have you guys heard of the benefits of aloe vera? This plant is totally bae!! I have been using it for the past month ad I must say natural is truly amazing. I actually do not think that we need all these chemicals up in our space to make our skin to make us feel and look good. Aloe vera might actually be the remedy you need. It is a disinfectant that cleanses, heals and protects the skin. Seeing that I used it for a month I have seen tremendous changes to my skin, especially my face. Here are a few benefits;-

1. It heals- If you have a scar or open wound, aloe vera acts as natural antiseptic. It will help your skin bind itself together and close up the wound. Why not try it out and see.

2. Gets rid of black spots- I can’t remember the last time I had really clear skin. Aloe vera has helped me out so much to get rid of the black spots I had. I used it as a mask every single day and it helped.

3. Gets rid of pimples- Do you have acne prone skin? Do not use harsh ingredients on your skin. Instead use aloe vera. It dries up the pimples and prevents others from forming, thus leaving you with a smooth skin. You can use aloe vera as a toner or mask and rinse out.

4. It makes large pores smaller- Yes. Using it for the past month I realized my enlarged pores became tiny. You can’t see my pores on the surface of my skin anymore. You will have to really look if you want to see anything.

5. Can be used as a face mask- Do you struggle to do weekly or bi-weekly face masks with mad or you know fancy face masks? Struggle no more. Just get your fresh aloe vera from from the fridge and apply it all over your face. I usually leave mine on the whole night and rinse out in the morning. You can get all the aloe vera goodness in a night. If you want to use it as a toner too it is totally fine. Check out this post.

6. Brightens the face- Regular aloe vera use makes your skin brighter, giving it a natural glow. Thank me later once you encounter this. ☺

7. It is good for hair and scalp- Experiencing itchy, dry scalp? Aloe vera is the medication you need. It will et rid of all dryness, ensuring your hair is moisturised. Don’t forget to lock in the moisture using the L.O.C or L.C.O method.

Aloe vera can be easily gotten fresh from the garden. You can actually grow it in a pot or in your back yard. If you do not want to go through the hustle, Sheth Naturals stock this amazing gel.

Have you used it before? How did it work for you? Share your feed back, I would love to hear from you.

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I am all things love: love for hair, love of amazing relationships and I am here to tell mine and your story. I love adventure and all things books, especially romance. Stay tuned for more stories.

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