In my mind right now, I cannot imagine my head having the creamy crack. Remembering how I struggled growing up when I decided to put perm on my head.

I was in class five hen I experienced my first perm. My hair was left shiny, it was long, it looked so sleek. My goodness, I never imagined my hair looking that good. The downside of it was my hair “ate” a whole tub and a half. Don’t ask me how but that is what happened. I used motions regular tub. In those days the salonists knew what chemical worked on what type of hair. Do they still advice clients now?

Anyway, so every two to three months, the growth I would have made me cry. Why you ask? Combing and blow drying was such a painful task, it would bring tears to my eyes. The only way the hair would be manageable was after it was retouched. Plaiting it was such a task too. Oh the horror!! There was a tint my hair got. You guys remember after the hot blow dry and the growth combined, it’s like the hair turned brown. But after retouch it would go back to the original black colour.

I have started to notice something… Most natural haired girls are going back to the days of chemicalized hair. Why is that? Is permed hair cheaper to to maintain? Check out this video of Judith Krystalz applying her relaxer.

I thought once one goes natural thy don’t go back. It is confusing when I see someone who has been natural for long doing this. The thing about natural hair is that you are decided about your hair goals, health goals etc, it’s like changing your lifestyle.

Remembering what I went through with the perm, I wouldn’t put myself through that again. If you are a natural girl thinking about changing the state of your hair, why not share with me. Tell me what prompted your decision. Why after so long would you want to get the creamy crack back.

Perhaps I could be of help to you to talk you out of it. I believe healthy, glowing, sleek hair can still be achieved even when hair is natural. LivingwithOsa also explains about natural hair in the video for you to get the love for your hair back.

What is your take on the creamy crack? Do you regret going natural? Would you fight the urge to perm your hair? Share your thoughts.☺

Published by mariesaru

I am all things love: love for hair, love of amazing relationships and I am here to tell mine and your story. I love adventure and all things books, especially romance. Stay tuned for more stories.

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