During the nurturredknotts Hairitage Chronicles I got gifts. I am yet to use them, but I have heard amazing things about the said products. Honestly speaking I am dying to use them, but I am going to wait it out a little bit, reason being I have a Protective Style. I have had my Nyasuba locks for the past ten weeks. They are going to come down beginning of he other week(wish me luck).

The product are dark and lovely scalp soother, Sheth Naturals Wash and Go gel and dark and lovely afro moisturizing butter. I would have loved to use the scalp soother on my braids but seeing that I am removing them soon, I will just use it on my hair and scalp after I have washed my ENTIRE head!!

The scalp soother is supposed to be for braids, twists, cornrows and locks. Since it can be used on the scalp I will do just that, then try it again when I decide to PS my hair again in like a year’s time. Here is the thing. In a span of 365 days, I only do a PS twice, sometimes thrice in the year. This is because I enjoy seeing my hair just open like that. When the weather becomes colder that is when I change tactics since it gets a lot of freeze and my go to is the Nyasuba locks since I can have them in for as long as three months, without thinking about refreshing (with exception of the biweekly washes) because as they age they look like locks.

The Dark and Lovely afro moisturizing butter smells so good, I can’t wait to put it on my fro. It has a tropical scent, that I love and it has a thick consistency that I know Miss Fro will love too. So let’s say she is sorted for a while. Dark and Lovely have done a wonderful thing introducing an all natural range. It is all the rave with Kenyan you tubers across all boards.

Now the Sheth Natural’s Wash and Go gel also is going to have to be(by force) a staple of mine. I have never done a successful wash and go but I can use it to lay my edges on the days I am feeling sleek. I would want to try a wash and go but I know I would have to put in the time. Do you know a simpler way or shortcut I could use? Please share with me.

Oh. And I need help taking down this hair. If you want to help me, please let me know. I promise my scalp is clean, so you won’t meet any visitors in form of dandruff. Detangling is also going to be hectic because of build up. So I will need a lot of patience to do this job. This is the longest I have ever been with a PS, so I am embracing this challenge. Any takers?

Suggestions of conditioners to use will be highly appreciated.

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Enjoy your week!!

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I am all things love: love for hair, love of amazing relationships and I am here to tell mine and your story. I love adventure and all things books, especially romance. Stay tuned for more stories.

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