Courtesy of the natural hair group, Kurlly Diaries, I met Maggie and her love for short hair is impeccable. She says she is a lazy natural and Marini Naturals saved her life. Let’s hear her story.

1. How long have you been natural for?
I have been a natural since 2009
2. Do you enjoy being natural?
I love being natural. I may have challenges from time to time but I love my hair more as a natural than when I had straightened or treated it chemically.
3.Have you faced any challenges since going natural?
I’m a lazy natural so, yes! I struggled a lot with caring about my hair. By nature, I’m a low maintenance girl so finding affordable products and affordable hair care has been difficult. The good news is that I adapted to the situation by figuring out what I really needed to feel good (moisture), how to get it and keeping my hair care routine simple (‘wash n go’ is a close personal friend of mine). I haven’t been to a salon for braiding in years!

4. If given the chance would you go back to the creamy crack, if not why?
No, I wouldn’t. Aside from the burns on my sensitive (normal?) scalp, I was constantly complaining about how weak my hair felt. There was always ‘hair shame’: not thick enough like many creamy crack models, not long enough, needed a “retouch” too soon, breakage…it was more trouble than it was worth,
5. How simple or complicated is your hair regimen?
Honestly? Too simple. I don’t pre-poo, although Jesus is going to help me get there, lol. I wash it every couple of weeks or whenever I remember. On a daily basis, I ‘wake it up’ by rubbing it with wet hands or spraying Marini Daily Spritz either mixed with a dollop of the Marini Leave-In Conditioner or their Curling Butter. That takes me maybe 5 minutes. After applying whatever I’ve applied, I either leave it looking rough and unkempt or I comb it and pat it down. When it’s got a little bit of body, I wear my signature side flower because it literally adds joy to my life.
6. Do you base your regimen on your hair type? And does it really matter?
No, I don’t base my regiment on my hair type because I’m not even sure what my hair type is. Maybe this is another area that Jesus will have to help me with. I resist anything that threatens to complicate my life so I go by my minimal hair instincts, lol.
7. Would you consider yourself a curl chaser, length chaser or volume chaser? What are the perks?
My fantasy would be long hair so I can wear it in full, shaggy afro plus of course with my side flower but honestly, this year I’m trying to stick with simple routines and quality products so that I can have healthy hair especially after all the neglect it has suffered in the last couple of years. This means no chasing anything of any kind for a while. Since I’m Marini-exclusive for the foreseeable future, I will be experimenting with curls but for now? Simple simple simple; healthy hair.
8. Do you purchase hair products based on needs or reviews?
I got on to the Marini line out of necessity. I admit I’m a lazy natural so I needed products that made my life easier. I had also not been kind to my hair previously so it was dry and really quite sad to touch. Marini products have moisture (which my hair desperately needed) and it felt like they were already coupled together so I didn’t have to use a lot of products separately: I needed moisture so their daily spritz solved that problem. My hair seemed to respond well to creamier consistency in products so their leave in and curling butter solved that problem. Basically, they made my life easier so that’s how they ended up as my current faves. I really can’t be bothered with day-long hair routines so these products work for me.
9. What would you advise newbies on this natural hair journey?
I would honestly say that it should be an adventure so don’t take it so seriously. Resist the temptation to buy every product that is touted. Instead, ask around and talk to people who are using different products so you can get first-hand knowledge of both the ‘what’ (product) and the ‘why’ (reason behind choosing it and sticking with it). Ask for advice every chance you get; you’ll learn a lot because naturalistas are generally quite knowledgeable and very generous with that knowledge so…ask. As you’re asking, be honest! If you don’t know, say so. If you’re sure you like or don’t like something about your hair, a product, a routine…say so! And finally, resist hair envy and LOVE your hair no matter its length, curl pattern, type, etc. Love it, because it’s beautiful and it’s part of what shows how varied and versatile African hair truly is.

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