Jennifer Githae has been natural from a while back since I knew her on the Kurrly Diaries group on facebook. She is a cheerful girl, with such a big heart. here is her story about being a naturalista.
1. How long have you been natural for?
I have been natural from April 2013 and then did another minor big chop in April 2016.

2. Do you enjoy being natural?

I love being natural. It gives me the freedom to do whatever. I am not scared of the rain or working out so I love it. The only challenge I have faced is products but once local companies started manufacturing products, I am a happy camper.

3. Have you faced any challenges since you went natural?

My hair has always thrived even under the creamy crack. I would however not go back to it because it hampers my working out and that for me is key.

4. How simple or complicated is your hair regimen?

I like to define myself as a lazy natural. I keep it simple. Wash, DC and make it disappear in a protective style for 2 weeks then repeat. Occasionally I will leave it out for like a month just so that I can remember how to deal with it.

5. Do you base your regimen on your hair type? And does it really matter?

I learned how to listen to my hair. It knows best what it needs. I do not have one hair type so I cannot tailor my regimen to hair type. I find what works and I stick with it.

6. Would you consider yourself a curl chaser, length chaser or volume chaser? What are the perks?

I am a reformed curl chaser and at the beginning of my journey, I would slather my hair in gel just to get the curls. Now I am a volume chaser. I want healthy hair. That is all.

7. Do you purchase products based on needs or reviews?

I purchase products based on needs. If my hair loves it, I will purchase it even if there is one review on it.

8. What would you advise newbies on this natural hair journey?

Keep it simple and don’t buy into the hype. It takes a while to get into a rhythm but once you get it, you and your hair will thrive.

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I am all things love: love for hair, love of amazing relationships and I am here to tell mine and your story. I love adventure and all things books, especially romance. Stay tuned for more stories.

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