It sucks to be labelled as “one of the boys”. How do you know where you relationship stands? Wait, relationship? Situationship? How do you define whatever it is you are in?

When the man in your life does not define what it is you are having with him, then my friend you’ve been labelled as been just a friend or should I say one of the boys?!

There has to be a clear cut line as to who you are to him. Which reminds me, there shouldn’t be such a thing as ” just hanging out”. Oh that makes me so mad. We don’t have time for time wasters. It is either you define or you walk away!!

When a woman doesn’t know what is going on, it makes her question a lot. Would it hurt to define? Guys, why do some of you play around with a woman’s feelings? It isn’t fun at all.

Ladies, always be sure what you are to the guy you are hanging out with. If you are sure about your relationship, ask him to label it. He should be able to introduce you as his girl, his woman. Steve Harvey also says that you should know your worth, especially if you are looking for something serious. If he does not have a claim on you, then he is just playing around. We do not want that now do we?

If you are sure about the thing you are having with this girl, tell her. Don’t leave her hanging in the balance. Claim her if you must. You actually must, come to think of it. At the point of her life where she feels she has too many friends, dude if you won’t value just go. Period.

Value her, care for her, make her feel loved, if that is your intention. How would you feel if you were “one of the girls”, her dudette. We need guys to grow up and express their feelings. Please don’t raise our hopes and then shut us down when we want something more.

I agree it can be hard sometimes, but master your courage and tell her. Tell her were the relationship or situationship is going. Kujipanga is very good for both of you. At the end of the day it is either we stick there or move on.

So what are you offering? Put it on the table, let’s decide.

Published by mariesaru

I am all things love: love for hair, love of amazing relationships and I am here to tell mine and your story. I love adventure and all things books, especially romance. Stay tuned for more stories.

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  1. ”How would you feel if you were “one of the girls”, her dudette?’ This is exactly what many ladies do to guys and place them in that friendzone where you just need him for attention. Acting as if one day he will get out and finally date you, but what most guys don’t realize is that it is never gonna happen. So I guess maybe this game was meant to be played both ways


    1. Played both ways? I don’t know why I feel like disagreeing, but oh well… Do the men ever speak up if they feel that way? Because it is up to you guys to tell is if you have feeling for us or not. Right Adiel?


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