When I went natural, I prayed for Kenyans to stand in the gap and start making natural hair products. Getting products that worked for my hair was a hustle. The international brands e.g Cantu were not working and so when Kenyan entrepreneurs embarked on the journey it lifted a great burden.

I bumped into Saru Organics almost two years ago at an event and their products were to die for. Honestly speaking every time my hair gets a taste of one of their products it thanks me. It’s like Miss Fro was dying and she suddenly got revived.

Miss Fro gets dry very quickly and so getting a quick solution to quench her thirst was very welcome. I figured I must have been using the wrong products and I was not getting value for money and also Miss Fro was still suffering.

Today I want to talk about one product, that I got close to a year ago. The Saru Organics Curl pudding is life!! I have been using it once a week on wash day.

Here is what I love about the pudding.

1. It has a thick consistency

For those of us with thick hair, our hair tends to lose moisture very quickly, and so creams help us to retain some of that moisture, as it also helps to soften the hair. I usually use the L. C. O method because my hair is high porosity, so it loses moisture quickly.

Another thing is that it stays in the container. It won’t pour. So that is a


2. It is very oily

The slip of this product is such that the oil in it can be sensed, in every sense of the word. When you feel it in between your fingers you will love the texture. It is good for people with lots of hair and those who want to generally protect their hair from losing moisture.

3. It has an amazing scent

It smells of a tropical fruit. This product has all the yumminess you could imagine. Just please don’t eat yourself. ☺

4. It has all natural ingredients

It has the goodness of shea butter, avocado butter and mango butter. These ingredients help your hair to flourish. It enables healthy hair growth too.

Saru organics pudding can be used to create curls either by way of twist out, bantu knot outs or braid (matuta) outs.

Sometimes when I am having a lazy day, I use the pudding to lay my edges. If not on wash day I use it to help stretch out my hair when I either want it in a bun or puff.

I have used their shampoo and leave in and both are amazing. Kenyan brands are going a long way to make products that cater to us natural girls.

With the way my hair “eats” products, this is a good change because also I spend less on hair products. The Saru organics Pudding goes for 750/=. Reasonable. Right?

Go ahead and pick a tab today!!

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I am all things love: love for hair, love of amazing relationships and I am here to tell mine and your story. I love adventure and all things books, especially romance. Stay tuned for more stories.

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