I was recently having a conversation with a gang of friends and we were talking about how when a girl introduces a guy to her friends, they scrutinize him a proper one before giving approval for her to date him. I am here to put those rumors to rest because boys, if you did not know, it is true. Girls will check you out, advice their friend and then either give it a go ahead or just a plain NO.

Here is the thing guys: – There is a whole score board that one is put through before he is allowed to become “more than friends” with a lady. Believe you me, if the gang doesn’t like you, you are doomed. It all must work for our benefit, before it works on the girl who you envisioned as your girlfriend. Sorry to burst your bubble. It is just the way it is.

When a girl comes all googly eyed, dreamy, her eyes sparkling, skin glowing and her heart literally bursting out of her chest, she must let her girls know what is happening to her because it may be something queer and we must help her understand that feeling. So, while she lets us in on the secret that is ‘you”, we must figure you out. In other words, we must approve of you before our girl agrees to ‘ingia box”. Here are a few things the board of governors will look for:

  1. For starters, are you good looking? You do not necessarily have to be tall, dark and handsome. Looks play a big role y’all. I mean if we have our very own Idris Elba in Pascal Tokodi, you must beat that. *wink wink*
  2. What are you bringing to the table? Do you know what you want out of getting to know our girl or you are just in it to win it? It’s not just about the “cookie” type of winning. You must have very deep conversations about the future, what do you see in that future. Oh, and we will know if you are lying, trying to include her like she’s a plus one at an event kind of thing. Having deep moments that will make us approve of you and the type of affection that you have for her.
  3. Do you make her happy? Our girl’s happiness matters so much. We wouldn’t imagine her having a hard time with you, because guess what, we will be breathing down your neck if she looks or feels unhappy.
  4. Are you hiding anything from her?? With the way the dating scene is going in this time and era, we need to make one thing clear. You must be very honest with her because we don’t want to later find out that you are married, or you have a child somewhere. We will break you if we investigate and find something odd about you!
  5. Do you create time for your dates and stuff? Oh yes honey. You shouldn’t be too busy for the girl you like and are trying to impress. If the gang gets a whiff of that, your girl friend will instantly be advised against you, so better do what is right.

95% of the time, the gang is always right about things and would rather prevent their girl from going through a heartbreak as opposed to letting her do something “illegal”. Just know that the girl gang is always watching and listening, waiting to hear anything that will put you at stake for some scrutiny.

Always remember that we will be her go-to if things are or aren’t working out.

Peace out!!!

Published by mariesaru

I am all things love: love for hair, love of amazing relationships and I am here to tell mine and your story. I love adventure and all things books, especially romance. Stay tuned for more stories.

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  1. Baby girl, acha kuwatobolea siri,,hehehe…But in the spirit of sharing, you have forgotten that we stalk the hell out of you too…social media, friends, friends of friends and the like. Some friend requests are just surveillance cams….

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  2. True the board of governors does exist and we guys are aware of it. But if I were to put the order lf what impresses them I would put it in a different order. First of all the most important thing to the board is financial indicators, by this I mean the kind of car a guy drives, the place he lives. Then there is a guys sense of style the way he dresses,the way he walks. I would put this 2 at the top. I can tell you for sure most of the time the “board” will make a decision based on the first few seconds of meeting you.


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