In the previous post, we talked about how men are not picking up after themselves and women are the ones being the bread winners. So, this is a continuation post and I would love to really know your opinion, especially women. What do you think?

First of all, would you date a broke man? Would you support him if his dreams were valid? What would you do if he mistreated you? Would you also quit your job if he became successful?

I understand that this is a new generation, with new insights, upbringings too, but at the end of the day, if the man is the ultimate provider, then that is that. It is in the Law of God (the Bible), so that end must be kept.

Mwalimu told me that there was a time he was depressed, and he did not know what to do and he was so upset with himself that he could not do anything for his family. Now, Mwalimu is married and he takes responsibility very seriously. He had just lost his job and fending for the family was going to be a hustle. It took him a while before he got well (yes depression is an illness, it can make one feel unworthy). He decided to start a small business with some knowledge he had acquired and it paid off later on.

Now, Mwalimu is not perfect and I applaud him for realizing that he needs to be the one to do one, two, three things around his household. If a man does not pull up his socks, that house can NEVER be a home, if the woman is the one being both the man and the woman in the relationship.

Guys, you want a woman to just chill and just relax? Do something about your situation. If the woman becomes empowered on her own accord, sweetheart, you will be left and she will pretend like she doesn’t know you. If God says that you should provide, don’t go against it. If a woman is to be a helper, she cannot do that role if she must do every other tid bit little thing around her.

I just remembered something… You want respect guys? You MUST earn it. Isn’t that what we are told? Don’t force your woman to give you respect if you don’t deserve it. Come home with a plan. Be the man with the plan. If you are both to move forward, you do that. We need to get our roles in check.

I am glad to be an empowered woman in this point in time, but let’s read through the fine lines.

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I am all things love: love for hair, love of amazing relationships and I am here to tell mine and your story. I love adventure and all things books, especially romance. Stay tuned for more stories.

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