It has been quite a journey. A journey that I found myself in when my skin started reacting and overreacting. It was a journey of persistence, patience, and a lot of tender, loving care. I haven’t talked about all things skincare on my blog, but I realize that it is a struggle for most women, and since we have a relationship with our skin, it is time we talk about that as well.  How do you take care of your skin? Do we have regimens?

Before we get into that, I wanted to let you in on my journey. My skin had been somewhat perfect, with minimum breakouts and little scarring. I wasn’t the type to drink plenty of water or eat fruits, but it must have been in the genes because my entire family (running across boards) don’t have skin issues.

My problem started in 2016 when I read a review about someone having used olive oil on their skin and it did them good. Well, there I was joining the bandwagon when a day later I started to notice pimples coming on my face. With the impatience I had, I started popping them. You know how boredom goes. Popping was the name of the game and it was obvious because then dark spots started to appear on there. I wouldn’t leave the house without someone noticing how bad or ugly my face looked. My forehead and mostly the right side of my cheek had so much scarring. Every person I’d meet would ask what was wrong with my face and it would really bring me down. If you’ve experienced skin issues you know what that does to a person.

So I started getting recommendations for products here and there, local ones at that and at-home treatments. I tried steaming my face, and I’d do that once a week without fail, then gong to the mirror to see if the black spots were disappearing or close to that. There was a false hope that that was happening, but deep down I knew there was no change.

I later tried a natural soap, and all it did was give me a glow, and not get rid of the spots. It was a gentle cleanser, as it had sage and clay and other goodness in it. It could be I wasn’t patient enough and wanted fast results or it was not the soap for me. I forgot to mention that I stopped using olive oil and started using coconut oil. Was it making things better? Not exactly. It was also as it was too oily for me, and I would still get random breakouts.

I finally landed on a soap that I’ve been using religiously to date. This soap is the truth and every time I have recommended it to friends or family, they say that it has also worked wonders for them. I’m talking about the ACTIVATED CHARCOAL SOAP. I get mine from brand of products and it has helped me maintain a smooth, breakout free, black spot free face. Been using it for the past three or so years and I honestly can’t complain.



It has active ingredients like water, activated charcoal, Avocado oil, peppermint oil, vegetable glycerin, and vitamin E oil. These ingredients helped to alleviate the skin condition I had and restore my confidence. One thing is for sure, be consistent with your skincare regimen. BUT if a product isn’t working, drop it and get one that does. There’s always a trial and error period that is allowed.

In conjunction with the soap, I used moringa oil, which helped to complete the entire look. We’ll look at the oil next time and discuss more about it.


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