It’s all about skin care this week, as we continue the journey. Last week we talked about the activated charcoal soap as a cleanser and how it helped to get rid of acne, dark spots and black spots. It has been the soap that I’ve used for four years now, and changing that might take a long while. Change might be as good as a rest, but seeing that this soap changed my life, I don’t think I’m going ANYWHERE without it.
Today we will talk about the miracle oil that saved my skin. Moringa oil. It is an exceptional oil that comes from the seeds of the Moringa Oleifera tree. This oil is very beneficial for both hair and skin and is now being incorporated into many cosmetics for its many properties.
When I started using this oil, I started to see changes in a short amount of time-two weeks. It worked so fast that I kept using it. It is a safe oil that can be used both day and night. Now, when it comes to natural oils, one should be ready to encounter there earthy scents. It took me close to six months before I got used to the smell, and after that it was easy breezy. The more natural an oil is, the better for ones well-being.
The oil I got came from Sheth Naturals and they stock a variety. The oils are cold pressed as well. What does cold pressed mean? It means the process of extracting the oil maintains there flavor, aroma and nutritional value. A modern steel press is used to obtain the oils from the seeds or fruits.
Below are the benefits of using Moringa oil on skin:
1. It helps to clear acne, black heads and dark spots- Due to its high levels of bioactive compounds and anti-inflammatory properties it helps to fight the bacteria that causes acne.
2. It improves appearance of wrinkles and prevents sagging of facial muscles- Moringa has anti aging properties and when massaged on the face it helps to prevent aging. I believe that this takes care of free radicals that cause early aging. It will definitely help to tighten the skin.
3. It has anti-inflammatory properties- Using moringa will help cure minor cuts, take care of rashes as well and heal insect bites. Let’s just say we have medicinal value in this oil.
Now, since incorporating this oil into my regimen my skin has changed drastically for the better. The last one I got lasted me a year. According to research this oil has a shelf life of between 3-5 years, if stored properly.
I still use Moringa, but now it was mixed in a face serum that I used a while. I had no idea face serums were that good because I got really good results. I’ve not had skin issues in a while as I got the glow I wanted, acne and blackheads disappeared. The only skin issue I get now is the hormonal pimples that sprout every now and then during that time of the month. Otherwise I am at a very good place with my skin. What oil(s) have you tried and loved? Still going through the trial and error phase? Talk to me in the comment section below. 

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