Hey folks!! I’m back yet again with another story. Don’t get bored with me just yet, as I’m on a journey to get to a hundred articles or more by the end of the year. So, I had been on a hiatus of sorts because this year has just been on lots of high highs and low lows. It’s already halfway done and we are now counting down to end of the year. It is so surreal how quick the time has gone. To me though it feels as if the days are passing, but the months are going by slowly.
As the topic says, we are going to talk about this hairstyle called “kamatanaz”. What are they? Simply put, they are matutaz (braids) connected to each other. So one does one braid, then connects it to the next as the chain keeps growing, until the one is done.
When we were kids growing up it was the simplest style our mothers used to do on our hair. It saved on so much time, especially if the child was impatient and couldn’t sit for long in the salon. This was my mum’s go to hairstyle for me, as I hated the salon, so things had to be done at home.

I recently learnt how to do my own kamatanaz (chain) and it was such a breeze the first time. I didn’t use a comb, as I did them. I parted my hair in the middle all the way down, then worked in sections. I ended up having four braids in each part, making them eight in total and I did well for myself. It seemed so easy to do, until the second time I did them. I had lost focus and concentration in my fingers, so I ended up tying a head wrap.

The following week, a friend helped me do them and they were perfect. She used a comb to part down the middle and did two braids each. I had never been so excited because it was minimal effort and took about five minutes to do. So now, I decided to stick to doing just two braids each, so four braids in total.
As the quarantine and curfew continue, my hair has flourished because it has been left alone, my hair line is coming back too. I now rarely hold my hair in a bun or puff, unless Miss Fro wants to show off. She is always in the Chain (kamatanaz). I call this style Quarantutaz, since we are in quarantine period and we will look pretty for ourselves.
If you want healthy hair please leave it alone. And if you choose a protective style, let it be very kind to your edges. This cannot be stressed enough. Once an edge is yanked off, it takes longer to grow back.
Since I rediscovered this hairstyle, my hair and I are happy with each other. It has gained more volume and length. Breakage and shedding is also on the minimum. It has gotten to the point where I get too lazy and don’t sleep with my satin bonnet (I know it is important) but if my hair is braided, sometimes I don’t see the need for it.
Either way ladies, be kind to your hair this season. Get what works for you and keep doing that. At the end of all this there should be some incredible, positive change. 🙂

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I am all things love: love for hair, love of amazing relationships and I am here to tell mine and your story. I love adventure and all things books, especially romance. Stay tuned for more stories.

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