Are we still entangled in the Jada Pinkett Smith and August Alsina mess of an entanglement? I might be late to this party but let’s just get started. When I started seeing memes and funny videos of Jada, I was at a loss for words, simply because I wasn’t understanding what was happening. Why were people so interested in her and using the word ‘’entanglement” in so many things? Was it the new gist?  

So I researched and saw that this woman, Jada, had had an affair with her son’s friend. August is an artist, and he had reached out to Jada to talk about some stuff that he was going through. Jada must have taken advantage of his weakness and got him to be her lover. Anyway, according to a video she had posted on The Red Table Talk (video does not exist anymore), she admitted to having an affair with him as they were having a conversation with Will, her husband.

Despite all the funny jokes, I felt really bad for Will and for some reason wanted to put myself in his shoes. Yeah they are big and filling them would be quite a task but it might actually help to try and think and reason how he’s been taking all this. Most probably his mind and mine think in the same way. J

Now, I am not writing this piece to judge her, I am putting this out there to put my two cents into all this, and give my opinion because one of these days I will get married and I do not want my husband to lose his trust in me. So here is my cent…

  1. Cheating causes a lot of mistrust. When having issues with your partner, talk about it. Don’t go behind their back and do stuff that you’ll regret later.
  2. If you agree to give each other space, look for ways to commune together, even in that given space.
  3. In my opinion, dates will revive lost love and feelings. We all work hard to achieve what we want for ourselves and we tend to forget each other. Why not put all these aside and work it out. Have fun like you used to when you started seeing each other.
  4. Be open to each other’s feelings. Talk about your feelings with each other. That’s why you’re partners in the first place. Talking helps to get rid of anxiety, bad feelings towards each other and also brings you closer.
  5. I understand that Will and Jada are/were in an open relationship, DO NOT put yourself in such. It can still be painful when one goes behind the other’s back to do what they thought was right and end up in a position they can’t get themselves out of. Once one has committed to be in a relationship, with one man or woman, stick to that. Don’t look elsewhere.

Relationships should be taken very seriously as they are the epitome of love. If you love someone protect them, even through the rough patches. When the sun decides to shine on you, the greatness will be inevitable.

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I am all things love: love for hair, love of amazing relationships and I am here to tell mine and your story. I love adventure and all things books, especially romance. Stay tuned for more stories.

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