Chao to Dirt and Build up, Cheers to conditioned hair!!

I’ve been wanting to try out this range of products for a while now, and first time I did I used the moisturizing deep conditioner, which I talked about on here. It was so divine because my hair loved it. It had an amazing ayurvedic, spicy scent that I liked and it coated my hair very well. Through my years of being natural, I learnt that my hair loves thick formulations and that is what I have been feeding it to boost its luster, and thickness as well.

So I got the Chao Botanicals shampoo as a gift and ended up using it on Monday 28th July (don’t mind me and dates, that’s just my emo). I used it in such a rush that I didn’t notice anything the first time. I like to use my products as I write down every single thing I’ve felt, but this time around I wasn’t too keen, so I had to rewash to have another experience.

Point to Note: This was my fault, not the shampoos.

I rewashed my hair four days later and yes I noted a few things.  First of all, the shampoo smells delicious. It has a natural, ayurvedic scent that I really enjoyed, and the ingredients in it are all natural, ingredients that my mane loves. Since we started staying home, I’ve been trying as much as possible not to neglect Miss Mane. Being home doesn’t mean that good hair practices should cease. They actually need to get better as we keep watching to see the positive results our hairs will go through.

I got to the shower and wet my hair, then applied the soap. For one it has a smooth consistency and gets out of the bottle quite well. I applied it to both my hair and scalp and rubbed it in to get the dirt out. I used three squeezes out of the bottle and by the third wash my hair felt clean enough. It is a conditioning shampoo so it doesn’t strip the hair off its natural oils. Washing my hair in twists or braids (matutaz) is hard for me, since I want to see all the dirt flow out, so I just get into the shower and wash it all out. I feel sometimes that I would use more product if I do that, plus I can’t get all the way through.

Since it is a conditioning shampoo, I easily combed my hair out, and guess what? Breakage was nil by mouth. Since my hair was dump and the shampoo has quite some slip I used it to detangle my hair. The results were great. For anyone wanting to do the same, I’d highly advice that. Just make sure to use a wide tooth comb. Hair was left feeling soft, very well moisturized and clean.

The ingredients in the shampoo include- water, sunflower oil, castor oil, shea butter, avocado oil, vegetable glycerin, grapefruit extract, reetha, shikakai and amla ayurvedic herbs. The listed ingredients each have a role to play in the shampoo, thus making it ideal for natural and permed hair.

Now, if you wash your hair with this and then use the D.C, you’ll be sure to be in hair heaven. Check out Chao Botanicals on Instagram for more information ( Your hair will thank you for the much needed Tender, Loving, Care that comes with this line of products.

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