Nurtured Knotts First Hair Event of the Year

The Natural hair community in Kenya is growing. People kept thinking that it was just a fashion fad that was going to die, but with baby steps the community keeps growing. I believe you guys now know that I have been a naturalista for six years now, that is for those who follow me. It is such a wonderful experience as I get to see my hair and skin changing and it changes in positive ways.

Since the inception of the Natural hair Community in Kenya, we have had different people on Natural hair forums on Face book organizing several events throughout the years, just to encourage people to keep living the natural lifestyle. This year’s event was held two weeks ago at The Arbor Place, with a bunch of Naturalistas and people who are enthusiastic about natural hair and skin care.

Nurturred Knotts is a group on Facebook that discusses matters hair and skin and encourages people at large to love the skin and hair they are in. With these events, there are vendors involved as you well know, we like to shop and keep our stash of products on point. 😊. At every event. There are different vendors and I am glad to say that Blends of Nature was at the event too and they brought amazing products.

Blends of Nature has a range of products that are great for the hair and body. They recently introduced body scrubs that smell great and are natural. These products are either salt or sugar based. It is advisable to use the scrub on the body because it can be harsh on the face. This product goes for 750/= a tab.

On stock too were our signature body butters that are creamy and come in four different flavours: Ginger Fusion, Grapefruit, Shea Coconut and Cocoa Coconut. With the way this Nairobi weather is treating us, it is only fair if we treat our skin with Tender, Loving Care. Our skin needs to be highly moisturized to prevent it from drying and getting sun burned. My favourite butter is the Ginger infused one as it has a very invigorating, relaxing scent.

Let’s not forget the hair products that are used to maintain moisture in the hair as it helps grow the hair and stimulate the hair follicles to produce new growth. The hair growth formula has a number of ingredients that help to bring growth to the hairline and also hair in general. Our hair butter can be used to moisturize and remoisturize, as well as styling the hair. If your hair loves thick formulations, this butter will be best for you. In case you have protein sensitivity, we have a butter that does not contain coconut oil and will sort you out!

Blends of Nature have products catering to your every need.

Thank you Nurturred Knotts for inviting us for the event. The natural hair community now has another product line that can take care of all their hair and skin needs. Have any questions? Let’s chat in the comment section.

Thank you for reading. ❤

Dear Cupid, Please leave me ALONE!!!!

Dear Cupid,

This my letter to you. Should I let you know who I am? Well, I am sure you already know, since you always seem to strike me at every opportunity. Honestly, you gatta stop. I do not understand why you need to always put me on the spot with me feelings. You like playing this game all the time. My heart, soul and head are not made of stone you know.

I am not sure you understand, but let me put it to you this way, explain some more…

Many years ago, I opened myself up to love and be loved. You know that single and searching period? So seems everything was working out just fine you know with meeting new people. Funny thing, through your ‘words of wisdom’ I was open to making new friends, like when I joined Facebook, accepted almost all friend requests and then met the new friends over time and developed awesome friendships, some which I regretted because I got stalkers on my Timeline. Thank goodness for the ‘’block’’ button, I called it quits and never looked back.

Now, when it came to find the one, every time that arrow of yours came into play, it just messed things up. Who told you that I am not worth loving? Who gave you the right to unhit the guy(s) I liked and make it seem like it was nothing? It’s like hitting the unlike button on Facebook. Who does that? Who gave you the right to take away those emotions and feelings? You played mind games with me, toying with me. How dare you! My heart is not a radio where you press play, rewind, fast forward button as you please. Make up your mind. What do you want?

Let’s be honest with each other for a moment here…

When I feel things, it is not because I am not human. I am very much present and in the moment. You take away all these things and they go against me like a broken record. Honey, if it is not meant to be, don’t point your arrow at me. See, I even created a rhyme just for you to see how damn serious I am.

You keep breaking my heart and that is not nice. It is uncouth and very cowardly. If you were a person, this is what I would tell you. I have grown to appreciate many aspects of my life, but with you getting involved all the time you make it very hard. Isn’t life supposed to be simple, uncomplicated? Get it together Sir. I should work on this by myself. You don’t have that right to get involved every single time. You also need a break, some time off to

For a grown a%$ man with diapers you sure don’t know how to choose your prey. Choose wisely, because this girl right here will not fall for your dirty tricks again. She needs a break. A break from you and all your Cupidness. I know you may not understand this, that’s why I am going to say it to you in Latin… me solum relinquatis (leave me alone!!).

When you decide to stop playing with my heart, I will give you a chance. But then again remember I am not made of stone. If we are to be in each other’s lives, terms and conditions will have to apply.


Love stricken girl.


It has been such a long time since I wrote anything on the blog and I feel guilty because that was not supposed to happen, but you know how life can get sometimes. We get so busy that we forget about our passions and love. But here I am, and I will let you in on what has been going on so far. Are we ready for some fun and action? I know I am…

Now, over the course of the week I was invited for a forum on climate change and it was quite enlightening. Before we get into the topic, I’ll just give a small recap as to how it all started.

I got a call during the other week and I was excited to be chosen as an Ambassador for the climate change talks. It was going to be held in Naivasha and I was so ready for a girls’ trip. I mean if it was going to give me a break from the hustle and bustle of the BIG city, then I was game for it. Lollipop, my friend was the one who put me up for the challenge.

I had already packed my stuff by Friday, because I knew what I was going to wear for the duration of the days I was going to be there, so I was ready to go. Monday was not getting here soon enough. I mean, skip the weekend already. We want the new week to start.

By Monday, I went to Lollipop’s office and waited for the trip to begin. It was the shortest road trip because it was a maximum of two hours and we were there early enough. I was super excited to be a part of delegates who are looking into the environment and making the world a better place. Where would we be without people who cared about the environment?

We woke up on Tuesday morning ready to begin the day and very eager at that. I had no idea that the environment was going through so much, in terms of destruction. Honestly speaking, I wouldn’t want to be relocated to Planet Mars just because of our carelessness. The environment needs to be taken care of appropriately. It is so sad to see what human beings are doing to destroy it. What will we leave to our children? We are supposed to be the epitome of hope, but it appears our joy is in destroying the world.

Here is the thing…

One would ask why Afromapenzi is involved in climate change talks. It is about the environment and hair really does not seem to be in that space. Besides hair is just hair. Right? No, my friends. We need to educate ourselves when it comes to matters environment and about what we use on our hairs and skin. Still don’t think that is important? Stay tuned for more.

There is a question I forgot to ask you when I started this blog. Why Did You Go Natural? Why did you choose to use products that are skin and hair friendly? I mean there are cheaper options out here that can still do the same job of cleansing and keeping skin moisturized.

When I decided to go natural, there was no looking back. I wanted a healthier option of taking care of my skin and hair. Period. The products that we have been using since time immemorial are just full of bad ingredients. Going natural means avoiding all those products that have ingredients that will harm our skin and hair because guess what? These things are absorbed into our skins and cause harmful effects to us.

The products used nowadays are paraben free, silicone free, mineral oil free, sulphate free and so on.

All these things that I have mentioned are terrible, not only for our hair and skin, but also for the environment. Parabens are chemicals used to preserve shelf life of products, that is why you find products that have longer expiration dates, unlike natural ones that must be used within a certain amount of time (3 to 6 months maximum). Now, parabens affect the environment because they are introduced into the sewage system when flushed out, and that affects the sea life. Parabens will get into contact with the body of the animals and can cause death. The harmful parabens to watch out for in products are the following: – methylparaben, ethyl paraben, propylparaben, butylparaben and heptyl paraben.

Did you also know that as human beings we can bring such parabens to the environment, especially by using perfumes, air fresheners, body lotions etc. These body and toilet products that we use can cause the ozone layer to thin out. The ozone layer is the earth’s stratosphere and it absorbs ultra violet rays that are harmful to us.

Mineral oil on the other hand is a product of petroleum, and it is also used because it is cheaper than natural products. It is mostly found in hair products. Mineral oil causes pollution. Period. It is not biodegradable, hence making it dangerous for the environment. Now, during extraction of petroleum, the process can contaminate ground water, can also be harmful to wildlife and it can also cause toxic waste in the environment. We need to find safer and more convenient ways of dealing with petroleum as it can destroy the environment.

Whenever we take care of our hair and skin, we tend to look at the ingredients in a product before purchase. Right? This is because we do not want to harm our skin in any way because we understand the effect these substances have on it. The same way we care for our skin and hair is the same way the environment needs a lot of tender, loving, care. Where would we be without this environment, the green around us? We should not let human activity take charge, because mother nature deserves a whole lot of love.

Our Hair Must Grow in 2019!!

Have you been thinking about growing your hair this year? Are you struggling to grow it out? Would you like a solution to that effect? If your answer is yes, stay tuned because this post is for you.

When I started my natural hair journey, it seemed impossible that my hair would ever grow. It was long, yes, but it was just always at the same level. Miss Fro had undergone so much pressure with tight braids, the constant (hot) blow dry and use of sulfate full shampoos. Where was I going to start and end? was there a solution to my never ending problem?

I struggled to find really good products to take care of my hair, because the products were few in the Kenyan market. I wanted to grow my hair out so badly that I was willing to do anything just to find the right product and solution. So when I ventured into the market and found a hair growth oil by Blends of Nature, I had to try it.

Here is the thing about natural products: They are so good for both hair and scalp and they actually work because they stimulate the hair follicles, hence generating new growth. Patience also pays when it comes to using the products, but with constant use you will see results.

Blends of Nature have this hair growth solution that has an amazing array of oils. They include: Shea oil, Coconut oil, Black seed oil and Castor oil. Let’s look at the different properties of each oil.

1. Shea Oil

Shea oil is Shea butter that has been melted and it still has the same benefits as the butter. It is good for moisturizing the skin (scalp) and can be used as a sealant as it is thick in nature. It can also be used before blow drying the hair because it acts as a protectant, shielding your hair from the dangers of heat damage.

Using it as a prepoo (pre shampoo) would also be beneficial as it will soften the hair and coat the strands ensuring that they are not stripped of any oils during the washing and shampooing process.

2. Coconut Oil

This oil has been a favourite among naturalistas for the longest time EVER!! I personally use it as a prepoo, on its own. When mixed with other oils it works wonders for my hair as it is mixed in small amounts. Coconut oil works nicely on my mane, so it is always finding its way in my regimen.

Coconut oil has healing properties that help aid with taking care of insect bites, dandruff and even lice. So go ahead and grab your bottle. It promotes a healthy scalp as when massaged on the scalp it helps rejuvenate the hair follicles, prompting them to ‘release’ new hair. It is also used to coat the strands when undoing a braid out, twist out or flat twist out, as it will control frizz.

3. Black Seed oil

This oil is very good for healing the scalp from all conditions that tend to irritate it. It is anti inflammatory and medicinal. This oil helps to fight against fungal infections and other scalp related issues. Just mix some with a carrier oil and apply it on the scalp, massaging it in.

Black seed oil also has the capacity to make hair dark, preventing premature greying. Apart from that, you know the tint one gets from years of having constantly blow dried hair? this oil helps to get rid of that. My mane had turned brown and when I started using this mixture, it slowly returned my hair colour.

4. Black Castor Oil

This is also a favourite among naturalistas. It is a thick oil that can’t be used on its own, hence has to be mixed with a carrier oil. Castor oil helps with promoting hair growth. A little goes a long way, so if you use castor oil, mix it proportionately so as to avoid it causing dryness to your hair and scalp.

It is very good for the hair line as well. when you apply it together with your favourite carrier oil, it will stimulate your hair follicles and cause the hair to grow. Apply on the scalp at least three times a week for best results.

The combination of all these oils in one bottle is a life saver, because with this 4-in-1 concoction you can do multiple things and achieve the goal you intend- HAIR GROWTH. So go ahead and pick this bottle of goodness, it will do your hair and scalp some good.

I use it during my prepoo sessions and also mid week when re’moisturizing the scalp.

I attempted to do twists a few weeks ago and this oil was my go to. When I finally undid the twists two weeks later, my hair still had some oil in it so I really didn’t need to prepoo. Excessively dry hair would benefit from this combo (I know my hair is, because of its high porosity, as it tends to lose moisture very quickly).

Did I mention that the hair growth solution is 100% natural? Get it today at any Banana Box Branch, Utamaduni, Spinners Web in KItisuru or Lipstix in Sarit Centre.

Love That Lasts

When you believe in love, you believe in every possibility of it, its whole existence and its feeling. Love cannot be seen, but it can be felt and all senses usually get heightened by the very feeling of it. It is something that cannot be ignored, because it is all around us. After experiencing a heart break or a let down, would you still believe in love? (trust me I’ve been there). It is a mind boggling question that runs through peoples’ minds and the answer is sometimes just a grey area. There’s really no straight forward answer about it.

Love is really a strange thing as you either have it or don’t. Once you find it though, you guard it with all your heart, strength and mind. Having said that, a few people know how to guard their relationships and work it out with fear and respect for their spouses. It is a wonderful aspect seeing these relationships flourishing because when these people got into it, they knew what they wanted out of it, hence it moves to the next level.

To see Valentines Day being celebrated once a year is a good thing, but ensuring to keep at it for the entire year is even better. Surprising your loved one with small gifts here and there won’t hurt a thing because guess what, you’ve made up your mind about being with this person and you only want what’s best for them. Remembering them throughout the year is a thought that counts.

Even when going through the small and BIG hurdles, it will remind them why they fell in love with you in the first place. And oh yes and it is a two way thing because it takes two to Tango. The more a spouse is appreciated, the more love forgives and protects them.

They say that showing love should be done on every occasion possible as it revives and rekindles. Don’t be shy about it, just do it. send those flowers, surprise him with a note, be there, do those little things.

I am learning from the best and seeing their examples makes me glow with joy because I know one day this will be me. For now I will guard my heart until that ‘best’ comes along. I do not want to say “better half” because I am complete on my own. when he comes along he will be complete together. Make sense? Ladies and gentlemen please don’t wait  to be made complete by a partner. Be better by yourself, that way whoever comes your way will know and understand that. We should be whole beings.

To all those who inspired this post, y’all are the real MVP’s. You are such an inspiration. What would we do without you? <3.

Keep inspiring!!







It is not easy by the way to just be in love. A lot of work and time have to be put in it. If the relationship has to work then there needs to be a lot of sacrifice. And these couples have shown what sacrifice really means. They knew what they were getting into and in order for whatever they had to work, meant that they had to put in the time and not give up on each other.

I have heard of the ups and downs, the good times and bad and honestly, that is what love entails. It can’t always be rosy. Every relationship has its issues but let’s all agree that in the end it worth fighting for.

This article is not just about Valentines Day, but it is about couples giving each other chance after chance even when there is a stumbling block. Love is an everyday affair. One day is really not enough to celebrate amazing people who would do anything for their loved ones.

Men Who Prey

I honestly didn’t get the spelling wrong. Just the way the title is written, is exactly what we’ll be looking at today. Men Who Prey. It is interesting to see some guys taking advantage of women.

When a woman shows you who she is by showing you her vulnerable side it is taken advantage of. Why is that? I thought that’s what dating was or is all about. Both sides, male and female being vulnerable with each other, sharing their stories and deciding if they want to date or not.

Recently, I heard a story of a friend who was promised heaven and earth, the stars and the moon, but all that seemed like such a long distance because all those things promised didn’t come to pass.

I think nice girls’ are usually taken advantage of. I mean we pour out our hearts and souls, only for them to be ripped apart and crushed into a million pieces.

The guy who this friend of mine was with told her that he would do anything for her. For the time they were together, she was his queen. It was such an envious relationship because I mean who wouldn’t want to be someone’s queen.

According to Professor Google, if a man calls you his queen, he has literally put you in a pedestal. You rule his world, his kingdom. You are royalty!

One day, all his goodness and kindness ended. She was somewhere in between hell and another planet. He shook her world. She was no longer his queen. How did that even happen? It’s like at the snap of his fingers, his liking or was it loving for her died. Poof. Gone. Over and done with.

She was preyed upon. He must have just used her to get what he thought he would get, and when that didn’t work out, he left.

Which brings me to my question…

What do Men Want?

Is it so hard to find a good ,nice girl, treat her right, be patient with her and then just like the others take her home to meet your folks?

It was so hard for her to believe that all that she had dreamed was gone. Her world was built around him and imagining what it would be like to move on was unimaginable.

Guys! It is time to decide what you want. Preying on a woman’s emotions makes you look bad. Getting her to believe in love again might be hard, but we all learn the lessons.

Here’s the most important bit though… Those who prey spoil chances for other guys to get to know this girl because once a good girl goes bad, she never comes back. Rihanna once experienced that, so don’t expect a good girl to come back because now she will guard her heart so dearly that penetrating through will take more than just a few “I love you” and roses.

To all the men who genuinely treat their girls as queens, I salute you. Don’t break her heart. Take care of it properly!!

The Dreaded Wish 😱

I made a wish as a child. A wish that I have come to regret now. It is something that I thought would never really happen,I mean it was such a long way off that it seemed difficult to believe that it would actually come true. It was so harmless that I didn’t even think about it.

As a girl growing up, I had (older) friends. So if I was ten, I had fifteen year old friends. It looked so cool at the time because I mean who wouldn’t want to be friends with a bunch of teenagers who had an amazing sense of fashion, freedom, oh yeah freedom was such a huge part of growing up. Who wouldn’t want that?

My wish you ask was to grow up so that I could have the exact same things they had. Wouldn’t it have been lovely to have the oh so forbidden freedom, fancy clothes shoes, because it came with that territory. Right?

Anyway, fast forward to years later, when a thought comes to mind, “Girl you have all the time in the world”.

What is time?

Time is not just numbers that move on a clock. It is also the number of days, months, years, centuries that come and go. So with lying to myself that I have time, just like that my fairy godmother decides that I am not going to be in my twenties any longer. #10yearChallenge hasn’t changed me much, but there is that feeling of being old.

I’ve been trying to get my fairy godmother to stop the time, but in vain. She says that the older I get, the wiser I’ll be. I don’t know how that is supposed to be of comfort but accepting reality is the only way to go.

As women, seeing that time is catching up, what do we do about it? We hurry things up, get into (wrong) relationships, get our hearts broken and sadly sometimes repeat the process again.

They are now calling it Dirty Thirty. I don’t know what’s filthy about it, but I guess it might be the fact that we are still searching for that one person. Where in heaven’s name is he? Was Cinderella in her dirty thirties when she went to the ball? When Sleeping Beauty got her kiss, perhaps she had waited for so long that she despaired.

“So, we turn thirty and then what? ” That’s the question I was asked recently, and at first I didn’t know what to say, but my thinking is life continues. The right person will come and whatever it is that we were looking for will be found.

I guess now I will concentrate and thoroughly enjoy being single before any commitment phase.

So here’s to thirty, aging gracefully and beyond.

The Sweetness of Cinnamon

This spice cinnamon has got so many uses, it’s like the goddess of spices. I never thought I would be using it on my hair but I guess when we are looking for natural hair solutions, we use every remedy out there to give us the best results.

Cinnamon has been discovered as a spice that has been used over the years to heal skin problems because it is antiseptic and has healing properties. I mean if Cleopatra used it, then it has to be a pretty remarkable spice. It has got ancient history, so to speak.

So there are major benefits of cinnamon and since it has been used in the past, then we can definitely push it for the present and future. Cinnamon is a spice that is here to stay. ☺.

Speaking about things that are here to stay, one of them is the Blends of Nature hair growth formulation that has cinnamon. Since Cleopatra is not here to test it out, I did on he behalf and this butter is just a mix of everything nice and spice.

If your hair loves thick formulations, this is the butter to go for. I recently twisted my hair using it and it drank it all up. The twists I currently have are supposed to stay in for three weeks before I take it out into a twist out.

What I loved about this particular butter is that it has a great scent. You can actually get a whiff of all the spice in it. The cinnamon, essential oils, and other ingredients are so powerful, it just makes it a great concoction for your hair.

Apart from cinnamon being used for skin problems, it is the best for hair because it prevents hair loss and regenerates new growth as it stimulates the hair follicles during massage of the scalp.

With the Blends of Nature cinnamon butter, use it no more than three tines a week for best results. So far have applied the butter twice – yesterday and the day when I installed the twists. My hair has really kept its moisture levels at per.

This is a butter I will definitely be purchasing again because my goal for this year is to retain moisture, do lots of DIY (do-it-yourself) hair protective styles.

Apart from cinnamon the butter also has coconut oil, Shea butter, castor oil and spice blends. Believe you me, this product is all your hair needs for that ultimate hair goal you have. I am sure Cleopatra would approve of this formula.

Thinking about purchasing it? It can be found at all Banana Box branches, Utamaduni and Spinners Web. Let me know how your hair responds to it.

Quick question… What are your hair goals this year? Are you ready to achieve them? Comment down below and let me know your thoughts.

Lessons on Love (LOL) in 2018

This year has been such a blessing to all of us. I presume that we have all had our fare share of both good and bad when it comes to love. I know it is a wonderful thing and everyone deserves to be loved. I have learnt a few things about it to that I would like to share with you.

1. Love is patient

When you get to know someone, it takes a lot of time and sacrifice, therefore patience should be a virtue. To me, this means that if you want to get to know someone, don’t expect them to have carried a CV to tell you every single detail about themselves. Just learn to work through it together. Besides that is hat dating is all about. You getting to know each other.

2. Love cannot be one sided

I’m sorry if you think that you can love a person by yourself without them having the same feelings towards you. Even if you love them with your entire soul, mind and body. Nothing beats the fact that love is supposed to be between to people whose feelings are mutual.

3. Everyone has their own time

Do not rush. As the title says everyone has their own time. It is relevant to wait and be patient because the right person will come to you. It is hard to be patient as we just want to be in relationships for the sake of being in them. That’s not the right way of things and yes I have learnt from experience. Sometimes it may suck to be single but hey, enjoy it while it lasts. It is worth it.

4. Sex is not glue for a relationship

I said it. Whoever lied to you that sex can keep y’all together lied. Sex is not the solution to everything. Besides in a relationship there needs to be maturity: in thinking, speech and where the relationship is headed. Let no body lie to you that 95% of being together is determined by sex. I’m sorry but I disagree.

5. Everybody wants to love, everybody wants to be loved

Love is definitely two way. Have you heard this song? It is so true. I believe there is someone out there for everyone. Just listen to this song you will understand why.

6. If it is meant to be, it will be

Just as the statement says if it is meant to be, it will be. There is no need to force things. If they ain’t working out, then they ain’t working. Let it go. Even if you leave emotionally, physically will be easy once you’re ready.

7. Love loves me and you. ☺

It is very easy to give up on love, especially when things don’t seem to work out the way they should. You know how you have that strategic plan ( vision board) of how you fall in love, get married, have kids as in do the works and then that bubble you had gets destroyed. Don’t lose hope. Things will definitely look up because love loves you and me.

What lessons have you learnt about love this year?

Thank you for being with me, for reading my posts and supporting me. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to your weekly dose of love. ☺

Gingerly Ginger from Blends of Nature

When you think about nature, what comes to your mind? Eco-friendly, green, clean, NATURAL!!

I have loved and indulged in many natural hair and body butters over the years and they have done so much justice to the overall health of my skin and hair.

I happened to bump into a Kenyan owned brand just before the close of this year, and their products are amazing!!

Let me take this opportunity to introduce you to Blends of Nature- a natural hair and body products company that excels at producing the best of the best products for both men and women.

In today’s review, I’ll be looking at their ginger butter. This butter changed my life as it has given me soft, flawless skin.

Let’s start with the benefits of ginger…

Why should you incorporate it into your daily skin care regimen?

1. Ginger is an antioxidant

It helps to remove compounds that inhibit oxidation. This means that it helps prevent damage to the skin, while protecting it from harmful chemical reactions that can cause free radicals.

2. It helps protect against free radical damage.

As in the first point, free radicals are dangerous and they are atoms that cause the skin to age and so using ginger prevents the skin from aging quickly. It also helps protect against bacteria.

3. Ginger evens skin tone

If you are suffering from hyper pigmentation, then this would be the perfect remedy for you. Hyper pigmentation is caused by an increase in melanin therefore causing darkening of the skin. Using ginger for a period of time will help sort out that issue.

So having looked at the benefits of ginger, I will get into this amazing blend by blends of nature.

1. The ginger butter has such an amazing scent that lingers for a while. When I used it, I couldn’t stop smelling myself because it is such a calming smell. My skin really loves this butter and it is worth the purchase.

2. The butter is very smooth- It has been thoroughly whipped making it so easy to scoop. It literally melts on the skin as you apply it. Even if the weather changes, the product will not harden as it will remain the same.

3. It sorts out all dry skin issues. The best part about this butter is that after one application, there is no need to re-apply the butter as one application is enough to last you the entire day. Dry skin will be a thing of the past. Have ashy knees and elbows? Give this butter a go. Your skin will be back to tip top condition.

4. A little goes a long way. Since the butter is smooth, just scoop a little and spread it over your hands, feet and body. It just spreads away!!

Ginger is such an amazing spice that reaping its benefits will make your skin thank you.

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